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Requiem for a dream SonicWorkaholic "Lix"

Born on 09.16.2018

Obedience .. learning

HD A / A, ED 0/0, OCD - free,

ECVO = 2020 free

(CEA, RD, PHTVL / PHPV, MPP, Kat, Hypoplasia- / Mikropapille, ...)

PRA - free

Normal CEA, MDR1 + / +

Lix is ​​a little ray of sunshine coming straight from Poland.

She is always in a good mood, full of humor and creativity. Life for her is a bit like Club Med.

She is always ready to interact with me. She loves to eat, she loves to play and her favorite game is the "tug of war".

She loves everyone and all animals. She is very affectionate and asks for various activities.

She is comfortable everywhere.


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