Every year since 2008, I have had the pleasure and the advantage of participating in several seminars, details of which you will find under my resume.
These numerous courses have been taught by the best dog handlers around the world, in particular from Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, ...
These great handlers passed on to me the new training methods based on the motivation of the dog, the mastery of his intelligence, his agility and his cooperative behavior.
Today, my goal is to help you get the best results in obedience but also in obedience in various other dog sports.
I participated in the Swiss Championships with Miles and Tao and the World Championships with Tao in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
My workouts are based solely on reward, fun, dog thought control and competition mode.
I travel to provide seminars for the sole purpose of helping you evolve through my experiences and my knowledge.